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In the underground night clubs of West Java, female dancers, backed by an ensemble of drums, cymbals, gongs, and fiddle, invite male spectators to join them, often for a small fee. They perform a highly stylized dance (ketuk tilu) with Hindu roots that was originally performed during fertility ceremonies. The performers also sometimes incorporate movements associated with Indonesian martial arts (pencak silat). Together, the dancers, musicians, and spectators create a nightly atmosphere thick with raw sensuality and sex appeal. This mixtape, compiled and selected by super-digger Madrotter, presents an enthralling romp through the sounds of Java’s underground nightlife focusing on the music and art of jaipongan.

TRACKLIST 01 Nani Suryani & Daya Sari Group - Coyor Panon02 Udeh Umiati & Suwanda Group - Rampak Ibing03 Rusdy Oyag - Wangsit Siliwangi04 Rosmalawati & Sampurna Group - Anjeun05 Iyar Wiarsih & Suwanda Group - Kaduhung06 Bungsu Bandung - Ayun Ambing07 Cicih Saeran - Dermayon08 Samba Sunda - Siuh09 Pipih Komalasari & Gapura Bandung Group - Beunteur Beureum10 H. Idjah Hadidjah & Jugala Group - Mahoni11 Dally Group - Oray Welang Instrumental12 Cicih Cangkurileung - Ekek Paeh13 Cucun Cunayah - Sintren


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