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After spending many years underground sucking on juices from tree roots, cicada swarms numbering in the millions (and even billions at times) suddenly emerge from the darkness and make their way to the nearest tree. Their sole purpose over the next few weeks is to reproduce. The males use a drum-like membrane on the abdomen to produce loud, mostly high frequency buzzing sounds to attract female lovers. This year, the cycles of two different broods will emerge at the same time, something that has not happened since 1803. So, if you live in the United States, it’s about to get loud. Real loud. To get you in the mood for this epic bug booty call, we put together a mixtape featuring cicada swarms from all over the world, including the ear-splitting African cicada (the loudest insect on earth), tornado sirens, synths, a satirical news story, a Scooby Doo episode, an old-school film with an updated soundtrack, radio transmissions, a roadside typist, zombie cicadas, hallucinogenic fungi and more.



Eerie Recording of Tornado Sirens – Recorded from a distance by Richard Devin in Atlanta, Georgia

Cicadas – Sidewalk in Caldwell, OH, West Branch State Park, Kendall Lake, Cuyahoga Valley National Park – Brad Bolton (Proftalon)

Frogs and Cicadas – Frap Tools Modular Synthesizer

Periodical Cicadas Overrun the Forest – Planet Earth – BBC

Borneo – Cicadas & Crickets – Jean Roché & Jean Thévenet

The Cicada herŋc:d - Dream Songs and Healing Sounds in the Rainforests of Malaysi – Marina Roseman (Folkways)

Frogs, Crickets, Cicadas - Jungles of Sulawesi – Jean Roché

Emergence of the Cicadas - Ambient Modular Synth Soundscape (Autotross)

Cicada Plague - Nature_'s Weirdest Events – BBC

Cicada Singing - Ketambe, Sumatra - Bartosz Grzyb

Taman Negara Park (Malaysia) – Cicadas & Crickets – Jean Roché & Jean Thévenet

Cicadas – Jungles of Celebes – Jean Roché

Cicadas, 2 Notes and a Furthrrrr Generator – Nerospantalones

Cicada (School Film) - United States Department of Agriculture

Cicada Close (New Zealand) – Fausto Caceres

Khao Yai Park (Thailand) – Cicadas & Crickets – Jean Roché & Jean Thévenet

Koh Phayam Cicada (Thailand) – Jesse Paul Miller

Cicadas - Music and Ambiences of Laos – Jerome Petit

Lonely Cicada & Street Typing – World Listener

Cicadas Sing for India – Ajmithra

Mont Omei Setchouan (China) – Cicadas & Crickets – Jean Roché & Jean Thévenet

Cicadas at Unknown Shrine – Ogikubo Tokyo, Japan – Jesse Paul Miller

France Haute Provence, three singing species) – Cicadas & Crickets – Jean Roché & Jean Thévenet

Underground transmission from Brood X - Cities and Memory

Cicada – Oribi Gorge, South Africa - David Phillips

Cicada Kgalagadi – Northern Cape, South Africa – David Phillips

Cicadas (Venezuela) – Cicadas & Crickets – Jean Roché & Jean Thévenet

Cicadas - The Songs Of Insects (Calls Of The Common Crickets, Grasshoppers And Cicadas Of Eastern United States) - Richard D. Alexander, Donald J. Borror

Brood X on a Gravel Radio – Stephen Bradley (Wave Farm)

Cicadas in Southern France - Shirley and Spinoza Radio

Radio Awakening - Jeff Gburek

Zombie Cicadas (VICE)

Periodical Cicadas Overrun the Forest – Planet Earth – BBC


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