weekly programs
here's what's on the menu so far. unless otherwise noted below, programming follows our general rotation format, a curated but unpredictable stream of sounds, songs, and snippets. check back often as we continue to grow ur collection of weekly programs. 



night music of the amazonian lowlands
8pm-10pm (cst)


around the world ... on the radio

8am-10am (cst) and 8pm-10pm (cst)


maghreb tapes – regional sounds on cassette from algeria & morocco

8am-10am (cst) and 8pm-10pm (cst)


shirley & spinoza radio

8pm-10pm (cst)


radio siquica

8pm-10pm (cst)


aural archipelago – field recordings from around indonesia

saturdays 8am-1oam (cst) and 8pm-10pm (cst)

aural archipelago is an online repository for the musical sights and sounds of Indonesia, the most musically diverse country on the planet. Part digital archive, part blog, Aural Archipelago mixes field recording, video, photography, and in-depth articles compiled from years of travels across the archipelago. The project is the work of Palmer Keen, an American DIY ethnomusicologist based in Yogyakarta, together with a huge network of collaborators and musicians across Indonesia. With this project, the hope is to allow audiences (local and foreign) free access to music that is often difficult or impossible to hear otherwise. For more, visit https://www.auralarchipelago.com.