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Updated: Jan 17

One thousand and one volts of high-octane club bangers from across the Maghreb and Arab world – acid gasba/rai and biskri (Algeria), reggada (Morocco), zukra/zokra (Lybia/Tunisia), hadhramaut (Yemen/Saudi Arabia), dabke (Jordon), and choubi (Iraq) – remixed and curated by Duckfood & Rebel Up!. You’ll hear a wide variety of remixed acid folk that nonetheless stays true to the original groove. Many of the tracks are published online as free downloads (Rebel Up!) and/or shared with like-minded DJ's, who work them into their sets, including Rafael Aragon, Cheb Gero, Acid Arab, and Black Lulu. Some, though, have remained hidden as Duckfood's own secret weapons.


01 Cheikh Mohamed Salmi (Rebel Up! Duckfood stomper) (Algeria)

02 Cheikh Mohamed Salmi (Rebel Up! Duckfood Roots Acid Rai Edit (Algeria)

03 Mokhtar Berkani Et Chrifi Hassan - Allah ya sidi rabi - (Rebel Up! Duckfood Stomper) (Morocco)

04 Brahim El Biskri - Yaghali (Rebel Up! Duckfood Remix) (Algeria)

05 Zi Alibah - الزكره اليبيه..غمزلي قتلني - Ghamazni Gattellni ( Rebel Up! Duckfood stomper) (Lybia/Tunisia)

06 Dj Shemsy Berah Oudja (Morocco)

07 Abu Bakr Salem Balfaqih - Unknown title (Duckfood Edit) (Yemen/Saudi Arabia)

08 Husain Al Salman - Jetni Alkarem - (Duckfood's Disco Dabke) (Jordon)

09 Unknown - Unknown - (Duckfood Chobi Synth Stomper) (Iraq)

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