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From the private archive of Nicolas Sheikholeslami (Çaykh),this mixtape, made some years ago, features 1980s & 1990s dance music popular in South African townships at the time. Not at all what you might expect, these are laid back disco grooves with an emerging modern, post-apartheid township vibe.


Curated & mastered by Nicolas Sheikholeslami, a Hamburg-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer. Çaykh’s three earlier sound-collage cassette releases have already earned him a certain fame in the 4th-world and outsider-disco realms. His collection of pre-war Somali music called “Au revoir, Mogadishu“ paved the way for the Grammy-nominated “Sweet as Broken Dates“ compilation (Ostinato Records), which he co-curated. He is active as drummer & percussionist for the projects Spiritczualic Enhancement Center and Circuit Diagram.


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