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A beautiful selection of field recordings and cassettes from early ‘80s Cairo. Compiled and mixed by Jim Haas.



01 confluence of early morning muezzins - the beautiful chaos that is Cairo

02 street musicians - drummer, mizmars, firecracker, rooster, Cairo

03 Mitaal Enawy - Bellail Bellail; Dunya al-Fan Music Center advertisement

04 al-Sheikh Sawdeeq - Wa-Allah ya ghawaly (Bedouin)

05 radio drama, cool organ

06 Said Darweesh - Hellay halla (an expression of the worker's happiness)

07 Sawlih Abu Bakr - Zifat al-'Arees (Nubia)

08 Beyoumy al-Margawy - title unknown

09 Cairo street market and traffic sounds

10 Abdel Halim Hafez - untitled blues

11 Abanob and Dalia - Coptic Folk - Ancient Egyptian New Year

12 Coptic speaker المتحدثين باللغة القبطيةالمصرية القديمة

13 Coptic song - from the Pharaonic Institute for Coptic Music

14 Fatma Eid - Hassanen wa Mohamaden - song promoting family planning

15 radio soap opera

16 al-Tanbura - Nahnu al-Bamboubiya, from the album Friends of Bamboute (Port Said); soccer announcer - not one goal, but two!

17 family party song; vintage Egyptian film music: Ismahan, Laila Murad, Muharram Fouad, Ismail Yassin, al-Thalawy, Shadia, Laila Murad

18 Abu Dura' - al-Rab wahid

19 President Hosni Mubarak (1982); miliitary band playing Egypt's national anthem; anonymous sheikh - Islamic religious song

20 Abu al-Wifa al-Suhagy and Intisawr Magdy -Ihna ma'ak

21 shortwave broadcasts recorded in Cairo

22 Mohamed Gamih and Atif Mersal - ney and drum

23 Howaida Abu al-Khul (Bedouin) - Shayif lak shoufa

24 radio tomfoolery and musical snippets

25 Hussein Bashir - Samar al-loon (Nubia )

26 anonymous - Zar, sufi music from Southern Egypt

27 Musicians of the Nile - Mawwal-doha and Rais al-bahr

28 Wedding music and word game (Cairo)

29 anonymous - Egyptian Bedouin music from the Sinai Peninsula

30 Fauzy al-Gamal - Ya azeeza (Ismailiya)

31 anonymous song recorded off the radio, Cairo

32 recorded live at the Siwa Oasis, Western Desert

33 Sheikh 'Abdu al-Naby al-Zaman - religious recitation

34 wedding celebrations in Southern Egypt - modern and traditional; zagrouta (ululation)!


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