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1. Night Sounds/Frogs from Myanmar (Burma) Ambient – Jesse Paul Miller

2. Frogs Calling for Rain (Mae Hong Son, Thailand)  – Fred Gales (Sound Reporters)

3. Frog Tannoy - Roi Et, Thailand - April 2008 – Jesse Paul Miller

4. Kodok Solok - Frogs and bugs in Solok, West Sumatra, Indonesia (Aural Archipelago)

5. Kiromboi from Sawaku: Music Of Sarawak (PAN Records – PAN 2067CD) and Night Lotus Pool from Night Recordings From Bali (Sublime Frequencies)

6. Night Paddy Orchestra -  Kutuh, Bali from Bali - Night Nature  – Jesse Paul Miller

7. Nyamwezy drummers (Intoxicating rhythms for the Monster of the Lake) and looped excerpt from Samia Bugwe. Musical Gems From Lake Victoria. Rec’d by David Fanshawe (Sapra Ltd. – CMIL 102).

8. Palenque - Frogs 4 - Recd by Felix Hess (Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico)

9. Túngara frog synthesizer at night (Gamboa, Panama) - Phillip Hermans

10. Le Chaco (Paraguay) - Indiens et Animaux Sauvages d'Amérique du Sud. Rec’d by Richard Chapelle (Unidisc – UD 30 1293, 1977)

11. Night frogs from Villa Giardino Córdoba – Pablo Picco

12. Kaw Mountain, Post-explosive Breeding (French Guiana) – Marc Namblard

13. Night frogs, La Sabana, Venezuela - David Toop (1978)

14. Morning Chorus Above and Below a Creek in the Kroombit Mountains - Jeremy Hegge (Queensland, Australia, 2016)

15. 5.10 AM Banjo Frog (Pobble Bonk), BG Frogs (Crinnia Sp.), Raven (Australia) – Dawn Chorus: Early Morning Music of the Bush – John N. Hutchinson

16. Unknown didgeridoo performance recorded off the radio and an excerpt from the Cane Toads: An Unnatural History.

17. 蛙蛙哇!Songs Of The Frogs Of Taiwan. Rec’d by Yannick Dauby (2009)

18. Frogs (Bachotek, Poland) - Gerrit Kalsbeek (Lola Radio)

19. Frog – Ear Explorer


Cover is a “Zen Picture” (Zenga) by Matsumoto Hoji, c. 1785


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