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Curripaco Collection of Jonathan Hill


Jonathan Hill is an anthropologist who conducted extensive fieldwork among the Wakúenai (also known as Curripaco) in the Upper Rio Negro region of Venezuela in 1980s and 1990s.


TRACKLIST (69 minutes, 26 seconds)

1-2. Kulirina trumpets. Gavilán, Río Guainia, Venezuela. October 24, 1981.  

Trumpets named after a species of large catfish.

(AILLA #KPC001R069I001 and #KPC001R070I001)

3. Double duet of yapurutú and tsikota flutes. Gavilán, Río Guainia, Venezuela. October 24, 1981. 

(AILLA #KPC001R071I001)

4. Male initiation rite (tape 1). Recorded by Feliz López de Oliveiros. Gavilán, Río Guainia, Venezuela. March 1985.

(AILLA # KPC002R002I001)

Adult men go out into the forest to collect palm fruits and play various sacred flutes and trumpets representing different animal species and parts of the body of the primordial human being. In the fifth performance, the men are returning to the village where women, children, and the boys undergoing initiation are waiting in seclusion.

5. Male initiation rite (tape 7). Recorded by Feliz López de Oliveiros. Remote village along the Tomo River, Colombia. March 17-22, 1985.

“the men are … getting drunk to make themselves attractive to the primordial human being. Inside, the women continue to drink and sing.” “The walladula flutes play in the middle of the night.

women singing inside house; walladula flute trio, dzaate flutes joining in later; more walladula then molitu flutes; dapa trumpets played with molitu flutes; ancestor trumpets (heemali) played with walladula trio; dzaate flute duet.

(AILLA #KPC002R002I007)