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Our new t-shirts are arriving soon! Inspired by vintage QSL cards, the new design is printed on a high-quality, desert pink, tri-blend t-shirt and features retro Thai radio graphics, including transmission towers and an elephant with ornamental houdah.

QSL cards are a form of postcard exchanged between radio listeners, ham operators, and stations as a confirmation of reception. Dating back to the 1920s, these cards are now a collector's item among radio enthusiasts.

For now, shirts are only available in M, L & XL. We're told the sizes in this shirt run small. (Please note that the image above is a lo-res proof. The final product will feature a hi-res image that is sharp and clear).

Radio is a Foreign Country is made possible with the support and generosity of our listeners. Please consider supporting us using the Paypal link below. You can make a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation of $5 or more. Your support will help us cover basic operating expenses, purchase unique and rare sound recordings to share with you here, and launch new projects. Those who make a donation of $50 or more ($75 international) will get a t-shirt, a qsl postcard, and 3 digital mixtapes.

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A selection of some great regional radio from Chiapas, Mexico – Radio Uno XERA-AM (760 kHz) from the late ‘90s, culled from hours of recordings by John Haviland, that until now were just collecting dust in an archive. Enjoy!

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This project, curated by Selectorchico (Nandy Cabrera), son of Uruguayan Maoist writer, journalist and poet Sarandy Cabrera, uses the mixtape as a narrative research device to showcase the music of the Middle East, the Levant, and Asia Minor recorded or released in Latin America during the second half of the 20th century. Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are the countries where these records were found, in streets and markets, second-hand stores and personal collections. Many thanks to Elías Dabbe, record seller, music collector and DJ of the 28-year-old Mundo Arabe program in Argentina.

This mix was originally curated for presentation at Fiesta Latinarab: - Music from the Middle East to the South in Montevideo, Uruguay, November 2020, and sponsored by the Institut Français d'Argentine, Cine Fértil, Festival Latinarab.


Intro: Antonio Trabulse Kaim interpreta Obras Selectas de Khalil Gibran: "Dios" (México) CBS

Hosni Chahin : "Ridi" (Argentina) HyD Records.

Sami Saidaui :"Ainak Tchouf" (Brasil) Ariphone Discos

Elias Rahbani and His Orchestra : "Danse ma chérie" (Líbano) Gelatine Music

Fairuz : "Al Bint El Chalabiya" (Líbano) EMI

John Berberian : "Arabaya" (EEUU / Armenia) Mainstream rec.

El Maalem Mahmoud Ghania : "Sidi Sma Ya Boulandi" (Marruecos) Station DoubleZer0

Mark Ernestus & Ndagga Rhythm Force : "Yermande" (Alemania / Senegal)

Damel Allam - "Au delá des mers" (Argelia) Eucalyptus

Said Azar "A Buenos Aires" (Siria / Brasil )

Nabil Nagi "Ah Hia Malbal" (Argentina) Cabal

Ziad Rahbani "Tango La Cumparsita & Raksat Tahiyyat" - Instrumental (Líbano)

Joseph Sakr "Machil Haal" (Líbano)

George Abdo and his "Flames of Araby Orchestra" : "Raks Averof" (EEUU / Egipto) Monitor records

Conjunto Electrónico Armenio "Asum Eir" (Uruguay) Erepuni rec.

Levo y Su Conjunto "Vartiné" (Uruguay) Fairuz "Canción crepuscular" (Líbano)

Altın Gün "Tatli Dile Guler Yuze" (Bélgica / Turquía) Bongo Joe Records

Nicola Piovani feat. Edda Sabatini : "Violation Publicitaire" (Italia) CBS

Elias Rahbani and His Orchestra : "sous le ciel bleu" (Líbano) Gelatine Music

Fairuz : "Ya Ghozayel" (Líbano) EMI

Sonora Cienfuegos : "Pies Mojados"(Uruguay) Macondo / Sondor / Vampi Soul

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