A mesmerizing mixtape from Greek musician Tasos Stamou. Bouncing back and forth between his recent retro Balkan folk-wave album for the Akuphone label and some of the styles and sounds that inspired it. Vintage combo keyboards, a folk instrument used in a contemporary context, long sustained krautrock and beyond.


1. Harmonia – Watussi

2. Tasos Stamou – Balkan Express

3. Saada Bonaire – You Could Be More As You Are

4. Tasos Stamou – Angeltones

5. Kraftewerk – Trans-Europe Express

6. Bekos (live)

7. Tasos Stamou – Bontempi Tsifteteli

8. Yishak Banjaw – Libey Ma’aduley

8. Track from a mixtape CD from Guca Festival, Serbia

10. Hanan – Hat El Hob
11. Tasos Stamou – The Oud Club
12. The Aay Jays – Lal Qalandar Lal


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