Mind-blowing Azeri electric guitar from Mountains of Tongues! Since the late 1960s the electric guitar has been adopted and transformed by musicians across the Caucasus. Inspired by traditional genres, such as the courtly mugham and the songs and tunes of ashiq bards, guitarists in Azerbaijan have developed a unique sound, new techniques, and styles of playing. Through studio tracks, field recordings, and bootlegs of live performances, this mixtape is meant to serve as an introduction to just some of the different eras, styles, and musicians that have helped to define the genre. The mix is also coincides with the release of a tape of archival recordings by the Azeri guitarist Rüstəm Quliyev on Mountains of Tongues label:

List of musicians in order of performance:
1. Bəhram Nəsibov
2. Rüstəm Quliyev
3. Asif Mehdi Mamedov
4. Rəhman Məmmədli
5. Həsənağa Sadiqov
6. Baloğlan Əşrəfov (vocalist, guitarist uncredited)
7. İxtiyar Qədirov
8. Rəmiş & Səxavət Məmmədov (vocalist)
9. Şirzad Abdullayev
10. Vilayet Barini & Zaur Rzayev
11. Elman Namazoglu