A sago beetle mouth harp from 1960s Papua New Guinea; night recordings from the forests of old Borneo ca. 1950s; a rare pareret orchestra from Bali; vintage Thai shadow music & Malaysian pop; amazing recordings made off the radio in India etc.


“Live Beetle Jew’s Harp,” Mahisu. Recorded by Robert MacLennan [Papua New Guinea, 1963]
“Joueur de Sampey.” Recorded by Guy Piazzini [Borneo, ca. 1956-1957]
“Joueuses de Lotong” [Borneo, ca. 1956-1957]. Recorded by Guy Piazzini.
“Kapeng Dateng” [Borneo 1953-1954]. Recorded by Pierre Ivanoff.
“Pinakang” [Borneo, ca. 1970s]. Recorded by Guy Saint-Clair.
“Sewagati (Bersama),” Suling Pereret [Indonesia, Year Unknown]
“Jew's Harp (Juring Rangguin) of the Temiar.” Recorded by Hans Oesch [Malaysia, 1963)
“Pone Tala Pone,” P.M. 7/Jupiter [Thailand, year unknown]
“Sakura,” D'Venus [Malaysia 1968]
“Jog,” Zia Mohiuddin Dagar [India, ca. 1996-1997]
“Sote Sote Aadhi Raat,” Salma Agha [India, 1983]
“Psychedelia,” X'lents [India, 1970/1971]
Excerpts from Radio India (Sublime Frequencies), Alan Bishop